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Privacy Policy


Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf operates secure data networks protected by standard firewall and password protection systems. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary and only authorized persons have access to information provided by our customers.

Privacy Policy​

This website is owned and operated by Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf Inc. Your privacy on the Internet is of the utmost importance to us. At Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf, we want to make your online experience satisfying and safe.

Because we collect certain types of information about our users, we believe that you should understand our policy and the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of this information. This privacy statement discloses what information we collect and how we use it.



Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf collects two types of user information:

* Information that users provide through optional and voluntary submissions. These are voluntary submissions to receive our email newsletters, email a friend, and participate in polls and polls.
* Information collected by Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf through aggregate tracking information derived primarily from the count of page views on our sites. This information allows us to better tailor our content to readers' needs and help our advertisers and sponsors better understand our audience demographics. Under no circumstances does Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf disclose information about an individual user to a third party.

Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf collects information about users in the following processes:


Optional optional information

We offer the following free services, which require some type of voluntary submission of personal information by users: Sample Privacy Policy

The following list shows the various policies that can be edited to remove parts of the policy that are not needed. You should also add anything to this policy template that you may have on your site.


1. Policy of electronic newsletters (dispatches)

We will offer a free electronic newsletter to users. Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf collects the e-mail addresses of users who subscribe voluntarily. Users can opt out of this mailing list by following the link provided in each newsletter which directs users to the subscription management page. Users can also subscribe to newsletters at the time of registration.

2. “Email to a Friend” Policy

Users of our site may choose to electronically forward a link, page or materials to someone else by clicking "email to a friend". The user must provide his e-mail address, as well as that of the recipient. This information is only used in the event of transmission errors and, of course, to let the recipient know who sent the e-mail. The information is not used for other purposes.


3. Service request

The information you provide in the service request form is sent to Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf for the purpose of scheduling your service call. The information is not used for other purposes.


Consistent with the federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), we will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without seeking parental consent.


Usage tracking

Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf tracks user traffic patterns on all of our sites. However, we do not correlate this information with data about individual users. Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf breaks down aggregate usage statistics based on a user's domain name, browser type, and MIME type by reading this information into the browser string (information contained in each user's browser).

Plomberie Groupe Leboeuf sometimes tracks and catalogs the search terms that users enter into our search function, but this tracking is never associated with individual users. We use tracking information to determine which areas of our sites users like and dislike based on traffic to those areas. We don't track what users read individually, but rather the overall performance of each page. This helps us continue to build a better service for you.

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